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Archive for February 2012

Tommy's Man Rum

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a very handsome, very strong husband, Tommy, who does not have to prove his manliness to anybody. (You are very manly baby, your power tool collection is the biggest out of anybody I know)

So when this husband came to me and said that he #1 started liking Malibu Rum, circa college, again and #2 he was going to take this rum camping, with his buddies, in the Arctic wilderness, in the middle of January - I thought they might give him some grief over it.  

Malibu is quite coco-nutty you know.  

So I decided to create for him a label to conceal said girly drink from his fellow campers.  

The result? Tommy's Man Rum, 100 Proof



Customized Wine Tags

Interested? I can create any theme that you can imagine. Shoot me an email at  They run about a dollar each!

Customized wine tags are a really fun way to personalize everything from your wedding day to bridesmaids presents to a fun birthday surprise to table numbers.  Here are a few examples of what Izzy Designs can do!

Mommy needs a couple of these ...
Verbiage on the bottom - one minute per year of age

This next sample is a perfect bottle to set in your wedding guest's hotel room for the morning after your wedding. It's a mimosa mix for the worst kind of hang over.  The verbiage on the bottom right side says "Because You Enjoyed Our Night Just As Much As We Did."  Perfect!

Winter wedding + red wine = happiness

Because the mother of the bride is usually the one who needs this the most.

A dear friend of mine once gave me this quote. It is one of my favorites.


Interested? I can create any theme that you can imagine. Shoot me an email at  They run about a dollar each!

February Bridal Show - TD Convention Center

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here are some picture from the February Bridal show.  What a day!  We met and signed so many wonderful brides.  We premiered our Izzy Designs candy display to showcase all the different design elements we can do for your wedding day and we highlighted one of my favorite trends, burlap and lace! Thank you to my amazing helpers, I could never have done it without you. 

Aren't they lovely? My Izzy Designs helper angels.

A DC Bridal Shower

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I absolutely love when people find me through recommendations by previous clients. I was contacted by Natrisha, who needed a bridal shower invitation for a modern bride who is getting married in our nation's capital. I came up with a cherry blossom idea because they are one of my favorite things about DC. Anyone else getting spring fever?

Lauren and Mills

Lauren was such a fun bride to work with!  She had an idea of what she wanted for her big day, and together we came up with a vision that was classic, chic, and modern, with a bit of a swirl.  Her reception was held at the grand Westin in downtown Greenville, a perfect location for her theme! Congratulations Lauren and Mills, I wish you many years of happiness.

Ceremony Programs

Izzy Designs gets a face lift!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey guys! I have given my blog a little face lift, but all the old invitations are still here.  Next up, a light blue and yellow invitation and a woodsy one with a wood grain paper. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or a rustic twist!