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Archive for March 2011

The new hotness...mommy cards!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Know a mom who is constantly on the go? School, ballet, soccer, piano, swimming, scouts, and the grocery store all before dinner, homework and laundry? Most of the time moms meet other moms with whom they want to connect at these different events.  Instead of putting down a child, a bag, a lacrosse stick, and a cell phone and rummaging through a purse to find a pen to make a connection - why not use a mommy card? Business people have them, so why not somebody with the "most important job in the world?" (thanks Oprah!)

These cards are a perfect solution and a perfect gift for a mom on the go. They are a quick way to exchange information and connect with other moms who are busy too!

Here are a few examples from Izzy Designs. Remember, all cards are completely customizable!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Izzy Designs is now on facebook! Check out the link.

Oh, baby!!

Baby showers, announcements, first communions, first baptisms, birthdays and more...all done here at Izzy Designs.

This invite has real buttons on it

baby Abby front

baby Abby inside



First Communion

First Baptism

The bride is always right

After planning a wedding for a while, sometimes a bride can find that the feel of the day is evolving.  Here at Izzy Designs I completely understand and respect that! So when my bride Kaycie came to me and said that she wanted to change the design of her invitation, it was no problem at all.  We took out the graphic and added a monogram.  Different look, still fabulous. Check it out!

Roses are red

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Popular wedding color trend for 2011.... red and pool blue!


So many choices...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Here at Izzy Designs, I completely understand that what a stressed out bride needs is choices - to be able to know that you have exhausted your options and be confident that you picked your dream invitation.  After the initial consultation with a client, I like to design three or four very different mock ups that I present to the bride.  They are all based on the bride's colors, themes, wording choices and overall vision for her day.  Below are examples of the mock ups that I made up for three different brides.  Can you guess which ones they picked?

Allison is a bride whos colors were brown and blue. She loves sunflowers and monkeys and is anything but your traditional bride! It was a lot of fun making these invitations for her. 

Candace is having a regal wedding and using purple, silver and black.  She loves filigree and a hint of sparkle. Her wedding is going to be a big, festive family affair in September.

Kaycie is a little mix of southern bell and fashion chic.  She is having her reception at a beautiful governor's mansion with an intricate wrought iron gate.  She wanted to capture the feel of it in her invitations. 

Spring Continued...

Friday, March 11, 2011

What says spring more that calla lillies and bold bright colors?

This is a metallic petal fold with a name tab

Inside the folds
 (note: only two of the four "petals" are pictured)

close up

Invitations can came in all shapes and sizes.  Choose a different eye-catching shape for your big day.

Shawn and Grace

What do you get when you mix a fun couple with a fun wedding theme and fun colors? Why a great party, of course.   Shawn and Grace are a couple that knows how to throw a good party, but most importantly they love being together. Here are their save the dates and invitation. Enjoy!

Save the date front

Save the date inside


Happy birthday to you

These are two examples of two very different and equally as awesome major milestone birthdays! The first invitation is for Martha. She is a math wiz and a world traveler and is going to Turkey for her 70th birthday. Amazing!  She has been all around the globe, including Antarctica.  Her invitation is triple layered with red and royal blue.

The envelope please...

And the next birthday invitation is for Cuppie's 90th birthday celebration. It is a triple backed invitation with orange and light blue.  Around the blue layer there is a brown ribbon to add a softening effect.  Also, notice the pearl embellishment over the 'i' in Ninety.
Cuppie is a woman who loves the outdoors and flowers, and finds beauty in everyday things that we all tend to take for granted.  Here's to many more, Grandma C!

Spring has sprung!

One of my favorite memories as a little girl is running around the tidal basin in Washington, DC in a sea of pink rain. That's right, it's cherry blossom time! What can be more romantic than tying the knot just when the world is starting to bloom again.  Check out my latest invitation that has the cherry blossom theme wrapped up with a pink bow.

Here is a closeup of the Reception and RSVP insert.